Self Publishing V Traditional Publishing

Hello all,

Welcome back.  I have spoken enough about myself now, and it’s now time to focus specifically on publishing and writing, and the transition between the two.

Writers nowadays will be faced with two choices regarding the publishing process:  whether to choose the Self-Publishing route or follow the traditional publishing path.

Traditional publishing involves an author sending his or her manuscript to a publishing house with a proposal letter, usually and preferably via a known agent.  The manuscript is then read by an editor who decides whether the work should be published or rejected.

Although it is great news and extremely satisfying when your work is accepted and approved, it leaves you with very little say when a large established publishing house takes your work on board. It can also take months before your manuscript is actually published as a book.

Self-Publishing on the other hand allows you, the author, to have a large degree of control throughout the entire process. Publishing agents and their teams will provide you with advice and support but you get to see and remain connected to your work till the very end.

You can decide what you wish to be involved in, and what you would like the publishing agent and support team to do.

Today, Self-Publishing provides access to the Print on Demand (POD) technology and services so you choose how many copies you wish to be published, thus you can monitor your costs, expenditure and pre-calculate and determine profits from book sales.

Your book can also be published very quickly so there will be no agonising wait for months on end to see your final product.

With Self-Publishing, as the author, you have the authority. Most importantly, it gives you maximum flexibility. Freedom to write what you want, to shed light upon what you want, to educate or entertain people about what you see fit.  You can be as controversial and creative as you like. And this is a very liberating prospect.

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments below. Thank you.

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