About Me

Hi everyone,

I hope that from my last post, you understood a little bit about me and how as a Publishing Agent I can help aspiring writers to get their work published.

Today I will tell you more about how I developed an interest in publishing, and about my other interests and hobbies.

So, since a young age I have always loved creative writing.  I think I love the excitement of being able to use my imagination to create something new. Every story follows the same structure (although not necessarily in the same order): the beginning, middle, and end.  But in between you can write and create whatever you like.

Later, I became interested in how other writers incorporated their personal stories in their own work.  I realised how as entertaining books can be, they are also powerful sources of information and a representation of politics, culture and history.

Luckily, thanks to the social media boom, many people can now have their voice heard, but nothing quite beats the official aura that books have.

My other interests are quite diverse. I recently started doing Thai Kickboxing in East London and I go once a week. I admit I was somewhat motivated by the fact that I am a big food lover and wanted to be healthier, but I also wanted to try out martial arts.

I then tried out a beginners Tai Chi course to compare the different paces and approaches between the two.  I have also done a great deal of yoga over past three years so I wanted to also join any dots between the core foundations of Tai Chi and Yoga.  Yoga is a huge part of Asian culture, and because of my origin, I wanted to explore the physical and spiritual aspects of it.

I get a huge buzz from ice skating and have to practically bully people into going with me to the Christmas rinks, because most of my friends don’t enjoy it as much as I do. At the moment, I’m fairly average at it but I am determined to become “a pro”.

My music choices depend on my mood. I can go from listening to jazz or old classics at home, to going to places that play reggae or dancehall when I’m out.

I love watching football and tennis and I go to Wimbledon every year.  I worked there one year and thought that after being able to have access so easily that the novelty had worn off, but no, I still get drawn to it each summer.

My favourite ways of winding down are reading or playing music when I’m alone or having movie or cinema nights when with friends.

Last but no means least, I like the excitement that each day brings and trying out new things.  It’s always fun to see what new opportunities and times will lead to.

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