My Introduction

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog, The Next Chapter.   My name is Anoushka Rai and my academic background is in Comparative Literature and French. Comparative Literature is like any other literature degree, except for the fact that we studied texts by authors from all over the world. 

I absolutely loved it as it opened doors that helped me understand more about other countries and cultures. In my second and final year in particular I noticed how literature was a representation of the political, cultural and historical contexts in which they were written.  This encouraged me to develop a stronger political and social global understanding so I then studied a Master’s in International Relations.

Books, like music and paintings and other art, can portray so much about one’s experiences, whether they be individual or as society as a whole.

For some of the authors who had lived through various significant times, their books and poetry were therapeutic releases from what they had witnessed. For other writers, their books were a way of informing the rest of the world about their country, culture or social situation.  

I then became interested in inspirations for individual creativity, the process behind writing books and the steps to getting work produced and published.  From here on, the publishing world has become of great interest to me.

Now I am a Publishing Agent for a long standing publishing house that has published work that I believe correlates with my professional and personal interests.

We provide help and support to existing experienced authors, but also to new up and coming writers who aren’t quite sure how to get their work published. 

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to get their written work published.  In a world where new and up and coming talent should be nurtured and nourished, we will help you through all stages of the publishing process.

Whether it be fact or fictional, if you feel that you have something to create and offer to the world, you should always follow up on your desire to communicate, write and produce work that can inform, entertain and/or enlighten others. 

Books (paperback or E Books) will always have special slot in societies worldwide. The power of the written word is endless.  So, I hope this blog will inspire you to learn more about literature, encourage you to read more, and motivate you to write and channel your creativity.

Lots of Love 

Anoushka x 

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